Alessandro Cunsolo
Ryerson University
Aerospace Engineering Student
Innovation Enthusiast
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Alessandro Cunsolo
VP Student Affairs
ACU 2017-2018

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  1. Ideas
    Ensure effective communication between RESS, the ACU, and our wonderful design teams &student groups Serve as a confident liaison to convey ideas from the students up to the executive levels of the ACU Increase student awareness of events to maximize opportunity and engagement
  2. Aero Externals
    Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute- Junior member Students for the Exploration and Development of Space- Member, Ryerson Chapter Canadian Space Society- Member, Toronto chapter
  3. Presence
    Conferences Attended: First Year Integration Conference 2017 SEDS Ascension 2017 CASI Canadian Student Summit on Aerospace 2017
  4. Leadership
    Warrant Officer First Class, Commander -188 Cobra Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets Project Coordinator - Ryerson Space Society Former President - Blackdown CTC Mess Committee (2016)
  5. Qualities
    -Committed to what's at hand -Collaborative and open to new ideas -Positive approach to situations -Experienced in leadership -Dedicated to the student body
  6. Contact
    If you have any questions related to the current campaign, references, or about Alessandro in general, feel free to contact! [email protected] Or fill out the form below!
I am a first-year engineering student who is exuberant about experiencing all that aerospace has to offer. My motif of a positive work ethic has brought me as far as I am today, with confidence in my ability to advance further and help as many people as I can along the way.

I would consider myself to have a very social and collaborative presence, predominantly in always being approachable and ready to tackle on the challenge in front of me.

Nearly seven years in the air cadet program has taught me the essentials when it comes to leadership, confidence, teamwork and citizenship. After rising through the ranks over my career, I now command the squadron of over 130 cadets.

Experience in the field is vital in order to help improve any cause. Along with my interests, this has guided me to take part in conferences pertaining to aerospace and engineering, as well as take up a post within the Ryerson Space Society.

I am a hard worker that can accomplish wondrous things when it is required of me, and pressure only increases my focus on getting the job done.
Alessandro Cunsolo
Aerospace Engineering Student
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto Ontario
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